Wiley X Eyewear - Show of Force

Wiley X Eyewear - Show of Force

With South African Shooting Sports taking steps to improve overall safety of competitors, mandatory eye protection has become a requirement for competitors in the South African Hunters and Conservation Association.

Shooters in IPSC, IDPA and Skeet already adhere to these requirements as setup by international bodies, but it's worth looking at various options when considering sufficient eye protection for your next shooting competition.

Wiley X provides ultra high-grade eye protection to many industries, including Military and Law Enforcement. The key to the success of Wiley X is their insistence to adhere to ANSI Z87.1 safety standard for High Velocity / High Mass Impact.

The "Show of Force" Test

The Wiley X Remington RE-102 model was shot with KENT Trap Shotgun Cartridge (24 gram #7) at 10 meters. As you can see, the ballistic eyewear passed with flying colours!

The test brilliantly displays the reason behind their success, and why so many soldiers, officers, extreme sportsmen and civilians choose Wiley X to protect one of our most valuable assets... Sight...

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